Arriving in Canada in 1999 as a new immigrant, it was an instant love with his new adopted country. Starting life with a young family from the real basics helped him quickly gauge the struggles and challenges faced by new immigrants as well as those at the lowest strata of Canadian society.

This is Kevin Lobo's first novel and it arises from a passion to see the Canadian dream fulfilled to full measure for every single Canadian. 

When not writing about the social realities around him or administering SQL Server databases, Kevin spends his time helping at his local Church, teaching youth in the parish, being the home handyman, and volunteering for other social causes. 

From someone who began his journey from the harsh realities that a third world nation teaches. From real life where poverty, illiteracy, child labor and so many other issues are an integral part of life. 
To a life in the hot sands of the middle East, riches yet quasi liberty, a rule of law that spared no one, yet for expatriates a life that had no tomorrow.

An finally to a life in a beautiful country called Canada where everything looked so beautiful. Yet beneath the surface lay a myriad of issues that should never be in one of the richest countries in the world.

We bring you a book, a journey of an immigrant and the discovery of the promise for a beautiful tomorrow.

Coming in 2010, ‘Brighter Red: An immigrant son envisions Canada’, a book by Kevin Lobo