Brighter Red is an immigrant author's challenge to all Canadians to move beyond the current, from being good to being the best. It is an invitation to develop a Canadian Conscience. While acknowledging the riches and the success that Canada has achieved, it invites the reader to step beyond the obvious into issues that still plague Canadian society. Poverty, Child Poverty, plight of the First Nations, Youth and Crime, Sports and Education are some of the issues that the author profiles as hidden maladies that hold Canada back. Filled with anecdotes, it is designed to be an easy read for all Canadians without getting lost in technical jargon associated with research. It profiles the attraction Canada holds for immigrants from all over the world. Beginning with the author's arrival into Canada, it quickly moves into issues that every Canadian needs to stop and look at. These are issues that affect every Canadian directly or indirectly. The author projects a vision and a dream for Canada, that is achievable now, that should be achieved now to build a new Canada for the future. There is something for every Canadian, from 18 to 80, a challenge to discover and create a new Canada.